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EST. 2020

λāSka Background

A Taste of Excellence

Laska Restaurant is the new place to be, 

in Ano Koufonisi.  Is an elegant, welcoming place, with a large terrace and an exceptional cuisine signed by Sifis Manouselis, which promises a gastronomic experience under the motto Sun Greek Food.

λāSka Food Experience
Iosif Manouselis

The Chef

Sifis Manouselis will spend this summer between Santorini and the Small Cyclades. The chef, who in recent years has been doing interesting work on the Black Rock of Santorini Secret, has in the pipeline a new modern tavern on Ano Koufonisi. Dressed in black, bohemian, relaxed - as the name suggests - will prepare modern Greek cuisine, inspired by the delicious local cuisine and products of the surrounding islands, with most meat, fish, and vegetables coming from Naxos.

Iosif Manouselis signature
λāSka Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

The Laska philosophy encourages guests to share their plates, take a bite of them, taste, and enjoy them.


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